Jakub Slaby

Front End Developer with love for avocados.

no more plans

Some people believe, that sharing your goals with others is a good way to stay on them. Once you’ve told others about your plans, you need to follow them till the very end. Well, I’ve found out that’s not the case for me. My mind keeps racing between different ideas and I keep making plans only... Read more

troubles of a struggling creative

So, it’s 2016 now and I want to finally start building my own sh*t. To build a game of my own, to create a kick-ass app/product, to finally start writing on my blog frequently. To learn about all the cool new tools I should definitely know about, the pre-processors, the post-processors, the frameworks, the cool new... Read more

introducing project colors

For the past few days I’ve been working on a small game idea I’ve got. I wanted to make a tiny casual game that would be incredibly simple to play yet still quite challenging. I also wanted it to work well on phones because I could use the opportunity to learn how to create mobile apps... Read more

is freemium killing the casual games industry?

The other day I was looking through some stats on most successful mobile games, and noticed that of the top 100 highest grossing iOS games, 97 are being offered for free. It gets even scarier when you look at the actual numbers stating how much these games are actually earning. Clash of Clans, a game that... Read more

run, santa, run!

I was just tidying up some of my old project folders and I stumbled upon a game I did as a school project a few years ago. It’s made in Flash using AS3. The highscore system probably doesn’t work anymore because the database is most likely dead, but you can still enjoy the game itself: Run,... Read more

projects page is now live

The Projects page is now finally live and I’ll slowly be adding some of my newer projects to it. For now, I really recommend you to have a look at the Arkanoidz project, where I talk my research on casual games and creating casual game design guidelines which could help game developers and designers to create... Read more

assigning a jQuery on-click event to an active/inactive state of an element

I got into this problem when working on a site today. You have an html element, lets say a list element and you want to toggle between active and inactive states of the element. <ul id='tabs'> <li class='inactive'>tab1</li> <li class='inactive'>tab2</li> <li class='inactive'>tab3</li> </ul> So I thought that would be quite straight forward, with a simple jQuery... Read more

under construction

Just to clarify, this is website is still under construction. I’m slowly starting to move some of my projects from jakubs.eu, I’m moving my projects to Github and creating pages for them and I’m starting to think about the design I want for this site. It’s not going to be anything extravagant, I want something simple... Read more

development tools for mobile

Recently I’ve been working on a project where I’m trying to port a web app I made to mobile. First I needed to see how the existing one looks and performs on mobile and then start making the required changes. Because of a couple of reasons I couldn’t test the website directly on my phone and... Read more

new site built with Jekyll

Hey guys, Welcome to my new site using my new domain. This page is hosted on the Github Pages, which is not only great because it’s free but also because as soon as I push my page to Github, it’s automatically published and available to everyone online. By default, it’s accessible through’username.github.io’ but you can also... Read more

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