Some people believe, that sharing your goals with others is a good way to stay on them. Once you’ve told others about your plans, you need to follow them till the very end.

Well, I’ve found out that’s not the case for me. My mind keeps racing between different ideas and I keep making plans only to give them up for ‘better ones’. I’m starting to consider it might make some people(sometimes even myself) think like I’ve just got a big mouth and I never really stick to anything. Which might be true in a few cases, but mostly I have a valid reason for adapting my plans, based on some newly discovered information.

Like last week I was writing a post about making a game every two weeks, a few days ago I was considering going back to school for some interesting game design course and today I ended up signing up for a few coursera courses instead. Meanwhile I’ve also ordered a few books about(including this great book by Jesse Schell).

I’m not sure where I’ll be in a few weeks or months, I’m just going with the flow. I’m not giving away any more plans or promises. Not here and not anywhere else. I’m keeping those to myself from now on.