So, it’s 2016 now and I want to finally start building my own sh*t. To build a game of my own, to create a kick-ass app/product, to finally start writing on my blog frequently. To learn about all the cool new tools I should definitely know about, the pre-processors, the post-processors, the frameworks, the cool new libraries. I keep telling that to myself every year, but somehow I always seem to fail in the end.

I used to blame my work (because who wants to go home and code after just spending 8-9 hours doing the very same thing), but I’m starting to see that the problem might lie elsewhere.

I really enjoy coming up with ideas, concepts, doing research and prototyping. That’s something I always look forward to. The problem is, that after I come up with the initial concept, I jump right to the next stage, worrying about things I shouldn’t even be thinking about yet. When working on my last game, Colors (which I’m still hoping to get back to at some point), I didn’t even have the basic game working and I already started thinking about the animations, high-score system, multiplayer possibilites… And after a few months I got sort-of bored and stopped working on it altogether.

There were a few more ideas where I then got stuck on redesigning my website so it fits the particular idea, or coming up with a cool domain name for the project, before even starting the development. I feel that whenever I come up with an idea, I tend to zoom out and look straight at the finish line. Like some weird sort of perfectionist who wants everything to be great but doesn’t really enjoy the process of getting there.

Then I started thinking, maybe I’m just not playing my cards right. If the initial planning and prototyping stage is what I enjoy most, I should probably focus on that specific part of the process. What if instead of making one perfect game this year, I make like ten small ones that would serve as the most basic representations of my ideas? That way I could keep myself excited and interested in the project at hand.

So, I still need to figure out the details but the basic idea is to create one game every two weeks. That would include coming up with the game idea, coding it and putting it up on the site. Most of them would probably have no sound and the graphics would consist of coloured shapes, but as long as it’s playable, it’s a game, ey?

Expect the first game on the site before the end of January and then I’m hoping to get on a regular schedule of one release per two weeks. We’ll see how this goes, I’ll definitely keep you updated on the process.